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Sierra Canyon boys’ basketball team gets photo taken for media day

I wanted to change the significance of the original photo and make Michael Jordan a nobody. I took away his skill, I took away his gear, and lastly, I took away his fame.

I made a lot of changes to the original photo. I added a Kenyon Martin jersey on Michael Jordan and took away his Team USA gear. I added rec specs and edited the ball so he missed the shot. Additionally, I added a group of high school boys getting their photo taken and a father playing soccer with his son.

The jersey that MJ is wearing is significant because he once dropped 45 points on Kenyon Martin at age 38 and it was a big deal. It was such a big deal that in an article, it was described as Jordan “destroying” him. Furthermore, the boy in the middle of the group of basketball players is Kenyon Martin Jr. Since Jordan is a nobody in my rendition, the cameramen are focused on photographing the high schoolers instead of him. This is like a “get back” because now, Jordan has no fame and Kenyon Martin and his son are more famous than MJ.

I also added fuel to the fire by having a dad play soccer with his son on the hill. This shows that not only is Jordan not worth photographing, but people around him are going about their daily lives and don’t care about him at all. Lastly, the rec specs are added to give the vibe of an “old man in the park”.

I believe even if one isn’t familiar with Kenyon Martin or basketball in general. It’s clear there is an older man who missed his shot, and he’s being ignored by everyone else around him. Even better, I completely disregarded him in the title as well (hahaa)!

Below I’ve included the originals for the additional elements I used my rendition.

Rec Specs

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